Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Late Valentine

Happy late valentine to all my friends, i just finish date tonight, so good! Any of you have girl friend or wife? Did you buy some present for them? My present? I just repair a necklace that have been broken last time! The necklace is my first time valentine present, but her spoilt it after that..... so i get repair then this year be my valentine present again! haha!! I save a lot of money man! :P

UPDATE:Slash My Search i get around 68 peoples join it, direct 48 people, 20 2nd tier! So good!

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  1. ugyen said...
    hahah LOUI$$$, That's great, a nice gift as well, i hope she likes it, well i got my gift sent via e mail, she is studying far away from me and yeap i got a date as well, a school teacher indeed!!! Anyway You got good working with your slashmysearch, i got only 13 direct referral and 5 3rd referral, Just wanted to say to you man!!! Have fun Bro!!
    Anonymous said...
    I buy my girl flowers, red ones of course...;)
    Unknown said... naughty my honey...gimme back te same necklace...but i like it...thank u very te way u bring me eat a lot to celebrate valentines...then u cannot complaint said me fat de wor...haha...i alwaz by ur side...gambeteh!
    Unknown said...
    Hi Louis,

    why there is no adsense in your blog? From my experience, bidvertiser sucks:-)

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