Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hello my reader,take note to you all who are using Adsense. Too
Many times, there are lot of people who get their accounts banned for some reason or the other(or no reasons at all), and the entire money they made is washed away. Well, in my opinion this is because of some mistakes from the publisher's side, which many aren't either aware of or aren't bothered about simply.

Once you have done a mistake, then Google quite happily to ban you. This is the reason why it is mostly abused by the banned publishers.

Here are a list of things that will help you to get banned by google.

Don't ever read theGoogle TOS and know well aware of it.

Click on your adsand use a proxy.(Google sure happy to earn easy money from you.SO GOOD)

Post anything on your blog/forum - prompting visitors to click on the ads.
Even if you have a forum running and you must have a post that said - "Please help us and click the ads", don't worry, you google is an "old uncle", delete that post after a times -google found you?- never since they are few children work with google and better forget about cached pages.

MUST ambitious on your revenues - those probloggers took much time till they earned $999 per day - you have only started, and you can do it too, just rush and fast.

MUST log in to AdSense account from different ip's say your office or a cyber cafe.
Google never watches this and your good luck, there is a banned publisher at your office/cybercafe already - don't worry, there won't know this.

write anything in those posts.
Just relaxed when you make a post in those adsense help forums, if you have proven your black hat SEO techniques in the forum with posts on "how to cheat google" and leave your blogs link right at the signature, then you are done!(Easy to track you)

MUST ask your friends via messenger/email to click on your ads.
Google never keeps track of the ip ranges from where click is generated, and if found that they are all from the same range of ips - then they won't do anything on your account!

MUST ask your subscribers/visitors to click on the ads through email.
They may be too honest and while trying to help you, and i sure they will do it's good.

Believe in all those "AdSense Empire,Get rich overnight,Make your website a cash cow" strategies and e-books(Man, if they knew how to do it, that why they selling the book to you.)

TOP 10
Do not use click monkeys or any other click generator program - they simply don't work.

I very sure you will get ban soon after you use this method provided by me!Original from here and i modify it.lolz!

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