Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Guys.. long time didn't write about my story. Well, how are you all out there now? Some is make big money now, some is still doing 9 - 5 job, some is don't know what are they doing. How about me? What m I doing?

I currently devoloping a membership site to promote my own service, and also doing trading around.

Happening in this few years?

I have quit my Genting job and go to UTAR study.

Febuary - September
Making money in my school buy selling second hand book and photo book. Of course, study my UTAR foundation course.

October - December
My life was found another opportunity after reading "Personal Magazine Dec 2005", I was found the way on making money online, that's Blogging. It show Liewcf, who is malaysia first full time blogger that give inspiration to blogging and make money online.

January - April
I m still as a part time blogger, and I study at UTAR for BBA course.

May - Now
I m full time blogger, and also online entrepreneur. Make money via online, and I have quit my college life and day job life.

Do you have any story you wanna share? Feel free to leave your comment on this post.


  1. WaiKee said...
    2009 you will buy your own car LOL
    Milan said...
    In November I started blogging and in one month I am getting 227 visits through Yahoo, Google and MSN.
    keeyit said...
    really a brave guy.. for me I wont take the risk that's y I still a part time blogger
    Unknown said...
    Hi, I want to know what is Genting and what is UTAR?
    I could not figure it out coz this is the first time I read this. Also so as an online enrepreneur, what have you done, and what is your advise.
    Thank You.
    Anonymous said...
    You're a hard worker.. Way to go.. congrats... we have the same theme in making money..care to xlinks.
    Leave me a message if its ok with you so I can link you site right away... http://personalblogmoney.blogspot.com

    By the way thats for dropping by my Mybloglog.. got your site there.. see u around
    Unknown said...
    You can also make money here, if you add your Google AdSense.

    At same time you can share Imagas, blogs, and videos..
    good luck
    iCalvyn.com said...
    Mercury... he already have his own car. i guest next year will have bungalow...
    NurseJake said...
    What about including your "review for a linkback scam"?

    I made a blog review for your PPP but you did not give me the link you promised. YOu earned $7.50 for something you dont give back.

    What kind of blogging ethics do you have?

    I bid you congratulations on your earnings but please be BRAVE ENOUGH to be true to your words.

    Let me know what can you say, id love to hear it.

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