Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow, we are back, bloggingsecret.net is back! Now with pr 4. This is really amazing since I just redirect it to my old blogspot, but it get pr 4, and my blogginsecret.blogspot.com get pr3. Lucky I got back up plan for this blog, at least now is pr 4. I will continue more good post later on.

Now I'm hiring for data entry manager, if everything ok, I will have writer for me soon.


  1. Anonymous said...
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    Unknown said...
    thats great louiss..

    how this blog instantly got pr4?

    poor bloggingsecret.blogspot.com..

    their pr has decreased to 3.. but its quite ok..
    hafreze said...
    hurmm..yala..i also don't understand how come the redirect domain get PR. i'm trying to assign the PR as my custom domain. But it worse than 0, so I pull it back. But I don't like the blogspot behind there...
    Gorilla said...
    Good, welcome back! How ever if you wanna increase your PR i already link you to my webaite:

    jesie said...
    Congrats on your new PR4 rating!
    jimmy choo said...
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    Hoon by TPH said...

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    Hoon by TPH said...
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