Saturday, September 1, 2007

I have receive a sms from my girl just now and tell me about why women's life is hard. I'm shock when read it. After few seconds, I laugh like a heck. Hahaha!!

Below is the sms content:

MORNING - wash clothes.

NOON - hang clothes.

EVENING - keep clothes.

NIGHT - iron clothes.

MID NIGHT - take off clothes.

MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT - find clothes.
RECYCLE x 365 days.

Hahaha... Do you get what she mean? ;) If have something to say, just drop a comment to share more with me.


  1. Kim said...
    ha ha and you wonder where all the clothes keep coming from :)
    your post is very funny !!!!
    Kher Cheng Guan said...
    i thought they say: "Clothes make a man"?! very funny one you got there.
    Karen said...
    LOL Thanks for commenting on my banking post.
    Pegmeister said...
    Very funny! Every man I know who has taken the job of a woman's finds a new incite in what a woman really does everyday. It's a much harder job than you think it is. But then I don't want to do a man's job either.
    Back in the sixties when women where fighting for equal rights, and wanted to do men's jobs, I just sat back and laughed! Even though my job was hard at home with four kids and all the work that goes into keeping up a home, I realized I had the best job in the whole world. I loved being home with those cute little kids! They are all grown now, and I still think I had the best job in the world.
    keeyit said...
    BUT women cannot run away from clothes as women love clothes especially fashion clothes as they always go shopping !
    gilda said...
    yeah we girls have a tough time. hahaha.
    Charess said...
    just make sure to separate a lil amount of money in case she gets mad if she cant find them.365 days oh! boy,i wonder how boys would be able to cope with that.So,lets keep on blogging :-)
    Syahid said...
    best post i've read this whole day. thanks louis. LOL.

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