Saturday, September 29, 2007

Malaysian can withdraw money from Paypal in malaysia now
For all Malaysian, we all now can withdraw money from Paypal start from now onward. Am I kidding here? NO, this is really serious and also good news for all Malaysian after we headache for a time of how to withdraw money from Paypal in Malaysia.
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Paypal now include this service for all Malaysian with a service charge as low as USD5 per withdrawal. You can withdraw USD500 (RM1750) per day and the processing time per withdrawal is 5 - 7 business days. Maximum per day you can withdraw is USD500 and minimum is USD10. You can withdraw your Paypal fund into your credit card and debit card anytime which have Visa or Master Card logo. Phew... I can start withdraw my paypal into my debit card now.

I will show more update when I receive my first cash with this service. Feel free to subscribe my feed to get the latest news from Blogging Secret.

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UPDATE: 30/09/2007
Please use Debit Card to withdraw the fund, credit card have some problem now.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am using a credit card, can I know what kind of problems faced by withdrawing through credit cards?
    Anonymous said...
    haha.. i haven't test with credit card. waiting for payment now. pls go for latest news.
    Unknown said...
    really?? im going to to register..hahah..

    how to apply debit card huh louiss??

    which bank offer debit card for paypal??
    Anonymous said...
    I have heard about this at


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