Wednesday, July 4, 2007

World's First Monk Blogger

That is me, I'm a monk, a monk blogger. First ever in the world, monk blogger. Any different a blogger with a monk blogger?

Can have any hair style.
Can wear any shirt.
Can eat at anytime.
Can go anywhere.
Easily get Internet connection.
Can gambling.
Can run.
Can blog about anything.

Must shave your hair.
Only wear yellow uniform.
Only can eat at 8am until 1pm.
Only can stay in temple area.
In jungle, so not easily get Internet connection.
Cannot gamble.
Must walk slow slow,cannot run.
Just can blog about "clean" stuff.

I think I be a normal blogger is better for me. Maybe I'm the first monk blogger in the world, but I think will be the last one. Not very convenience for a monk to be blogger, so you can only see this and only one monk blogger in the world, is me. :)

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  1. Anonymous said...
    bro, is that u? not same leh...
    Anonymous said...
    namoamitabha =]
    Unknown said...
    so many restrictions..aahhhhhhhhhh...

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