Tuesday, June 5, 2007

About Louiss Lim And The Blog

sexy louiss
Louiss Lim, is author of the bloggingsecret.blogspot.com, one of the the most popular blogs in MyBlogLog and list in the top 50 communities in the Internet.

Louiss Lim is Malaysian's most inovative full time blogger. He believe that Blogger Dot Com, one of the blogging platform, can do a lot of changes and hacks to improve. Now Louiss is a Malaysia's full time blogger and a undergraduate student in Bachelor Of Business Administration (hons) at University Of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

As a full time blogger and student, he is now enjoying working from home and spend more time with his belove while study. He love to share everything with his readers, except share his girl friend. He is now on the road to be one of the millionaire blogger.


  1. Hitesh Sahni said...
    I think you need to improve your writing skills and english language before becoming a millionaire. LOL
    Unknown said...
    Congrats on your new domain name and keep on posting you blogging tips and hints...subscribe to your feed already...
    Unknown said...
    heheh, u r my inspire.. become internet millionaire...
    C5 said...
    You have an interesting site. I'll forgive your English since it's not your language (not mine either but I chose to be fairly good at it).

    Other than PPP (which I am already doing), what else (secrets) can you share? I'd really like to earn from blogging without the need to spend first...I am involved with a foundation (as volunteer) and I'd like to help the foundation financially as there's just none to be able to go on with the mission and vision to help the underprivileged in our country.

    I'd like to join and have a chance with your contest too. I'll make you a review at http://ceefive.i.ph to get the max points...how can I add more points?

    I'd appreciate a reply...you can YM me at cecile_cinco too...
    Anonymous said...
    It's true Louis dosn't speak as eloquently or enunciate as well as his American or caucasian counterparts.

    Having slammed his grammar, however, the number of feeds, links and support he has recieved speak for themselves.

    Honestly i would rather be an unintellectual layman but possess fantastic EQ and empowered to get wealth rather than a brilliant scholar who depends on a measly paycheck.
    Unknown said...
    Thanks everyone, really need to forgive my english. Really poor. But at least you all understand. I will try to polish my english and make more money in future. :D
    Unknown said...
    helo lim..

    can i know where is my blog link is located??

    i already put ur link at my blog for 2 week.

    i can't find my link at ur blog.

    hope wanna hear replies from u. email me at baloot.mx@gmail.com

    Healthy Living and Other Things said...
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    I like your site BTW.

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