Friday, May 25, 2007

Wow... what a nice movie I watch yesterday. But It was 3 hours!!!! I just love the movie a lot when Jack Sparrow back in action with his funny action, worth to watch! Watch a special things is I watch with malaysian bloggers, just love it. But all the bloggers was quite silence yesterday, since I never meet with each other before.
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I think hong kiat and 5xmom will go, but didn't meet them, (I never see hong kiat before). Yesterday I not brave enough to yell that : "HI EVERYONE, MY NAME IS LOUISS LIM FROM FAMOUS BLOGGING SECRET!LOL:D". At last I didn't do that(regret now! :() I saw a lot of chicks, and most of them are pretty chicks(I'm really lucky born as Malaysian and be a Malaysian blogger:P). I wanna walk to them and talk with them but have no chances. (regret again! :()

Luckily I have meet with a guy from s-o-o, Kelvin Soo. Really nice to meet ya ;)! Sorry guyz, the first person I saw is boss, Timohty and have a chance to shake hand with him. Other then that, I also saw a lot of pretty chicks, may you drop me a comments and I linkback to you please? I love gathering, thanks to nuffnang. I hope will have another gathering in future that can talk with each other and know each other better, at least can do some introduction, this time just a meet up, next time I won't miss to take some picture, great picture :D!

Drop me a comment with your link then I will linkback to you. If you like, exchange with me!(This only for Malaysian Bloggers Who Have Get Nuffnang Free Tickets!) :D

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  1. Anonymous said...
    too bad, i haven't watched it :(
    i think i'll buy the dvd later.
    Anonymous said...
    hi...thanks for dropping by my blog..
    now u know my name :P
    nice to meet ya
    Anonymous said...
    hongkiat and I were there for more than 1 hour.. haha..

    but din know how u look like
    Anonymous said...
    louis bro! i din know u were there as well!! haiz~ miss another chance to meet u :(
    Wingz said...
    U came from Sg long and u dint kam find me say hi!!! later i see u at oldtown kopitiam then u know! lol
    LOUI$$ said...
    cely, I hope can meet you again.

    bro yip, we will have chances meet again too. lol

    wings, I think I saw you with other group on that day, but I never see you face before, cannot cam. If feel free them contact me yam cha la! lol :D
    Anonymous said...
    I'm going to see Pirates tonight - at a Drive-in! I also wanted to let you know I started a Blog Train - and you've been tagged to participate in the New - FEED N FAVE - BUMP N GRIND - Blog Train, let me know if you're gonna participate, I really Appreciate it - Read about it here:
    Anonymous said...
    Pirate is nice movie, but after watching the whole of it, it felt like there are some missing pieces.


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