Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'm tired, really tired. I need to study and blogging everyday and now is exam period, so tired to read those books. After I finish this post, I will start my journey to Genting Highland, City Of Entertainment, or known as a City Of Gambling.lol :D, they is the only one casino in Malaysia, that's Genting. So I will go there to have fun, and maybe will gamble a bit since I just cross 21 recently. ;)

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2007 is year of traveling in Malaysia, government have launch a program, Visit Malaysia 2007. Genting to work with this campaign, they have come out with a holiday plan, called 888 deal. 8 for Chinese is a great number, that's mean "rich". Do I will get rich after I join this holiday plan? lol :D.

This is for us, customer to enjoy absolutely cheap room rate with high standard quality during year 2007. We can get as low as RM38.88 per room for 2 days 1 night. If you prefer 3 days 2 night package, it's just R48.88. WOW...perfect plan for me! So cheap!!!! This is what I have looking for. Normally is cost around RM185-RM300, depend on session you go there. I have choose RM38.88 package, since I will have exam after 2 days.

What I will get from RM38.88? A standard room in First World Hotel with breakfast for 2 person. This plan is too worth for me, one word, cheap! But you need to register online and pay with credit or debit card. I paid it with debit card, and it's work. This 38.88 package is apply only for Malaysian and Singaporean. Just visit their website here to register. Don't be too sad to those guys from oversea, they have another package for you. You can get as low as $17.88 usd. Just visit here.

Well, I had been work at there for 2 years before I'm back to study. So I know there very well and also have a lot of memorable I have leave there. I will update and keep in touch with you guys in top of the mountain then. Anyone with me? :D

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  1. Anonymous said...
    So long din goto Genting already. many peoples go there with the hope of 888 (rich rich rich) but eventually going back with "Fark Fark Fark" ! instead lol.
    Anonymous said...
    Do everyone a favor and improve your English.
    Anonymous said...
    It's 'favour" not favor, get a dictionary anonymous.
    Anonymous said...
    Yo bro, win more ya...
    LOUI$$ said...
    Yo man, some update here. My account now is -200, genting eat me, at it's very cool. I paid 200 for this natural air-cond! :P
    Andres said...
    hello, I need an aid, I want that you explain to me like putting the vertical menu of the left of blog, the one that moves with scroll, seems to me a very good idea please contactame andresblogs@gmail.com
    Aileen_g said...
    whoah GENTING!!
    not bringing me along???
    nice blog here.
    have a great trip oh!
    LOUI$$ said...
    andres, I will create the tutorial later on, after i finish my exam.

    Aileen, I go there find free la, and also gambling, so didn't invite you since you are little girl. hahaha!
    Unknown said...
    Have fun with your holiday, Loui.

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