Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mum,I Love You !

Hey guys, do you know why I'm on leave recently? well, I'm going back to hometown and pass this coming mother day's with her. I don't want too concentrate on blogging, so I need to balance my life, take care of my own family, and just take some rest.

This post is to my mum, I didn't tell her that I write this post for her, I hope she will read it one day. Mum, I wanna tell you, how much I love you. How high is the sky, that how far I love you. The sky have no limit, my love for you too. I will take care of you all my life.

You are the first person I meet when I come out to the world. You are my best friend, and a good listener too. I'm so sorry if I'm naughty when I still small and childish. I never mean to hurt your heart, but I still don't know how to think on that time, hope you will forgive me.

When I'm trouble, you will be the first person come to help me. I still remember at year 2002, I get accident near our house area we stay there, that time all my face is bleeding and I faint down. Someone have send me to hospital, and I unconscious.

When I'm in the dream that time, I was searching for you, I called:"mum,mum, where are you? I need you, mum!". Well, after I moaning about that, I just awaken and I saw you at my side. I straight away cry and hug you, I'm so miss you. You will always at my side whenever I need you. I love you mum.

When I said I wanna continue study, you are the first person help me to search for financial aids. I know that time you had financial problem, but thanks god, we have go through all this. When I just broke up with my X, you will call and ask me my condition, m I ok? Well mum, I always put you at the top in my heart. Nothing will make me to stop loving you. I care you.

Just now I treat you eat the dinner, do you love it? Most of the money I treat you come from blogging, I hope you will like it ya! Mum, what I can do for you this mother day? I saw you getting fatter recently, I just book a exercise bicycle for you to get exercise when you are free. I know you will never get sweat if you always at home. This is special for you.

I don't know what I should give you, I know money is not the most important for you, I want you to have a good health. I wanna you to company for a long long time. I won't let anyone take you away from me. Maybe my partner will with me, but I will always need you by my side to support me. You are the energy for me to live, without you, there will no me now.

I will make your day bright, I will do my best to make you happy. I will make more money to get better stuff for you in future. Mum, I know you will see me success in blogging world, I love you. I wanna pass many many mother day's with you, so you better take a good diet and health food ya! ;)

To all bloggers, please, don't forget every of us have a mother, don't forget them, without them, there will no us. If you making money online now, please buy something for them. Maybe you can treat her a dinner, create a card or maybe cook "red eggs" for her.

HAPPY MOTHER DAYS to all my readers and bloggers in the world.

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  1. ColourfulWorld said...
    how sweet of u to post this for ur mum. i'm sure ur mum will be very proud of her son! =)
    BetShopBoy said...
    Louis, it's so touching...
    zeezee said...
    ur mum will be proud of u .
    Anonymous said...
    What a nice give for your mum!
    Aileen_g said...
    aww... louis ure so sweet! first time see you writing so affectionately. i read already also feel like crying.. so touching..

    you mom ought to be very proud of you!
    LOUI$$ said...
    well aileen and all my friends, my eyes was wet when write this post, I really miss her.

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