Saturday, April 28, 2007

Feed My Feed

Another hot stuff around the net is Feed My Feed. If you wanna fill your feed with readers, here is the right place for you to start and build the links.

The idea is simple: You want readers and you want linkbacks too because that’s all us bloggers want, it’s more precious than water for some. :D

So what do you do?

Copy the list down below on your blog, therefore creating linkbacks for your blogging friends and then click the RSS feed link to subscribe to all of them. Add yourself and up to 3 other blogs and their feeds to the list before you post it. As it spreads hopefully you will see an increase. I’ve already added most of these blogs to my feeds, so I am a step ahead of you.

My Adds To Respect


The rest is up to you guys, Feed and get Fed ya!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Thanks man :)
    Anonymous said...
    I don't get it ... how to do?

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