Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SlashMySearch Scam

Do you think SlashMySearch Is a scam? So far still ok but It's have down for 5 days previously, why? Here is the fact from SlashMySearch owner, Mike:

14th Mar 2007
We actually switched data centers and DNS took a long time to resolve to the new data center. The site is actually live but most people just can't access it yet. Everyone should be able to access it by tomorrow. Again, there isn't much I can say or do to make people understand what happened again. But we are going to send out a newletter and in it it will say that people will get 2x the amount for all the down time they experienced. Say someone usually makes $7.00 a day, they will get $14.00 for all the days they couldn't access the site. Thanks again.

10th Mar 2007
Direct payrate has increased to 0.0082 from the previous 0.0051. We will be able to increase it even more in the future and it will not decrease anymore.

6th Mar 2007
We have partnered with Snap for right now. We may bring the old search engine back or partner with someone else. Our earnings rate will not decrease any more and will only increase in the future. In no way is Snap or anyone else taking over SlashMySearch though. You are free to go directly to Snap.com or any other search engine, but when you do, it will not be part of the Search N Earn program.

3rd Mar 2007
New minimum payout rate have been reduced to $20 to enable faster payment to members.

1st Mar 2007
So what we are doing is getting a new custom data center built just for us. This is going to lead to no downtime very soon and results for every one, even in different countries and languages.

1st Mar 2007
We now have over 13,000 members and growing exponentially everyday. No matter how many servers we add, you guys keep exceeding their capacity, which is a good thing in a way. The bad thing is that our search engine is down again.

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  1. Hoon by TPH said...
    Just drop u a line telling you that SlashMySearch has returned to normal.
    LOUI$$ said...
    Yes vidis, I know earlier, thank you to drop a line.
    Anonymous said...
    I gave up on this programme liao.
    Anonymous said...
    Have you made any money from it? How does it pay out?
    LOUI$$ said...
    hi stubsy, I also not yet been paid, this not your money making machine, so this just for fun. I repeat, just for fun!
    Anonymous said...
    Of course SlashMySearch is a scam, look on the front page and they state "Using our proprietary algorithms...", yet they're delivering search results from Snap.

    If they're lying to their users can you trust them as an affiliate?
    Hoon by TPH said...

    I have given up SlashMySearch...ai..yah..earning a few cents..

    I would rather submit to PPP..at least I get >> $5.00 per post.

    How are your PPP posts ??
    Hoon by TPH said...
    By the way, my FIRST ppp was approved, raking in $7.50..hehe..not badlah ..for a new blogger.

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