Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi to my lovely readers, I spend some time to write this post. I know that many of us learn more when read a story. Why? Then you please continue to read this post. Money? Is that so important? Erm.... Money is useless when you don't need it, but you will in trouble to get it when you need it.

So how to make money fall in love with you,forever? I have few tactics and strategy I use it before, the first thing is love your money. Make sure your money is your honey.

How you treat your litle honey? Then you better treat your money with patient, care, trust and believe like your honey. Not only that, you also need to miss your money as much as your honey. Honey is like money. You miss your honey like crazy, then money too.

You must have desire with your money, that can make you need it, really want it, must have it, oh.... cannot continue since it's only 18+ can know it.hehehe

Don't make your money jealous,they will "small gas", it's will ran away from you any time like your honey. Don't ever love something more than your money, you will regret later.

Protect your money as you protect your honey. Don't let any hurt, seduce and take away from you. So you must strong enough to protect it, then you will be it hero for ever.

Spend more time with money and honey, know more about them, don't make any excuse to spend some time with them. Do it when you still have chance before it's too late.

Nothing more important than money and honey. What do you think if money know you so care about it? Then please ask your honey. lol

honey = money , please take care both of them.

This will never separate them from me in my life. Which one is more important? I will die if I lose anyone of them. I love them forever. I guarantee money will love you forever if you understand the message what I wan't you to know.

Do you think money will love you more? You have any ideas? Then drop a comment here and we talk about honey. Sorry, is money. lol

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  1. Dania said...
    Sounds interesting, you're quite philosophical! But I guess if you really treat your money like your honey, you may turn into a greedy person and lose your friends.. So you can rename your blog: Make money and lose friend online ;) Just kiddin'.. I like your posts!
    LOUI$$ said...
    dear dania, of course free is important! But you must treat money as good as you, because warren buffet when he is kid also very mind his money, he is very POOR. I read the story was he was found 1 cent on the floor, then he pick it up and keep it. And few adult saw him keep it then laugh at him said :"haha, kid, that is just 1 cent, you can do nothing!", then buffet said: "Yes, 1 cent is nothing, but if i keep a lot 1 cent then i can be rich, i care it!". The morale of the story is not greedy or what, but is you mindset that is important. Most of us is greedy, I guarantee! We can talk more about it. I like this topic!
    Admin said...
    Hi louise, it's interesting to know that you manage to earn from blogging in such a short period. i'm starting to learn about blogging now.. best of luck to me...
    Anonymous said...
    Love your money,
    Money is your honey,
    But don't be greedy,
    As long as you spend wisely,
    Your honey, I mean money, will make your life happy.

    Love your money,
    Just like your honey,
    But your honey needs to do charity,
    'cuz good karma, for the better, will change your destiny,
    Who knows, you might just strike a lottery
    and gain more money to make you more happy :)

    How's that? :p
    LOUI$$ said...
    Winston, nice poem! lolz!

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