Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What do you feel when someone paid you by put a link in your blog? I feel SUPER great! Wow! I just get paid by money4blogs just now, this is a nice start for Blogging Secret! Now the legend of making money online become true!

Below picture is the statement of transcation in my paypal (click to enlarge):

Ok, who can join this?

Anyone who have a blog or website!

How they judged your blog?
Depends on your blogs popularity, page rank and age.

How does this work?
You email just need to submit your blog url, then make you an offer for a link via your email.

What you should do when you get offer?
Paste the link that they provide to you into your blog or website for a year.

How much they paid?

Where to submit your blog or website url?

Just ok if you wanna make money for display a link for one year. Overall, i recomended you to have a try since you lose nothing when you try, right?

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  1. Zamri said...
    I think i want try this. Maybe i can test the first cheque from online revenue....
    Anonymous said...
    Hiye :D stopping by your blog.. hmm, just wondering whether would you like to exchange links? :D let me know..

    btw.. i like ur contents.. very infomative.. good blog! :D

    hope to hear from you!

    LOUI$$ said...

    I interested, please email me,thanks!


    you may try it, good luck!
    mynameislina said...
    Very informative indeed...will definitely give this a try!!! :)
    Srikanth said...
    hi, i was just wondering whether u wud like a link exchange.

    this is a gud blog. mine is at: http://science-core.blogspot.com/

    hoing to here frm u soon... :D
    ugyen said...
    LOUI$$ , Is the payment method in paypal!! just let me know!!
    Anonymous said...
    There website says they have gone offline!

    Oh Well. I did a bit of research and found similar site (if not identical) at www.cashlinkr.com
    Usmanzali said...
    i got paid 45$ from them in my paypal.

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