Sunday, January 21, 2007

I just found it, very interesting site. Another great tools for bloggers like us! When i visit SpicyPage, oh my god! My first question is, "is this another version of digg?" It's make me to blog about it now!

What is SpicyPage?
is the social online community where anyone shares, talks about what websites or blogs they discover on the net. It is a friendly community that allows everyone to find easier ways to spread the notable sites or blogs when stumbled upon them.

When is SpicyPage founded?
In September of 2006.

What SpicyPage want from us?
They want the user to tell them what the best site/blog is out there.

What can SpicyPage help us?
SpicyPage lets us post, comment on , vote on, share our favorites sites or blogs with our friends and others like us.

Who power SpicyPage?
Everyone of us, 100%.

Can we have the widget to let others vote on our blog?

My Cent:

This site is more enhance features than digg, different concept from digg, it's just focus on blog and site only. SpicyPage should be another big BOOM! in the world blogsphere. I have join it, how about you? To join, click HERE.

Is this blog nice? Please vote this blog at the below, thanks!

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  1. Googlr said...
    Luiss, I voted for your blog on spicypage and now I would like you to vote for me. Itlooks nice
    Ahmad Sofwan Lubis said...

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