Friday, January 12, 2007

Singapolyma-Tech, SUPERD!

Hi to all my readers, the author of Singapolyma-Tech, stephen, he is the man for blogger new version! He is a hacker of old blogger(classic), blogger beta and blogger new version (what i'm using now)! Congratulate to stephen, he just move to new blogger!

I just implement his hack, Asynchronous Peek-a-boo Comments, awesome! Just follow his steps, that's it!

He had a lot of hack, just check it at here.

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  1. LOUI$$ said...
    Brice said...
    hey man, you have a great blog here. Since our blog types are alike, what would you say to a link exchange? Comment back to one of my posts..
    Anonymous said...



    thanks for the link man!
    LOUI$$ said...
    @can this work? This comments are work now! yeaH!
    Calvyn L. said...
    thank alot bro...
    Unknown said...
    Im Malaysian Blogger , can i join ur communities or tubuhkan Malaysian Blogger.

    1. coloum= widebar) (2 coloum)

    Tgh mencipta idea menyamai wordpress. Clone wordpress.
    LOUI$$ said...

    please email me, i'm interested with that, chat with me in
    Unknown said...
    this comment is work and good run loading . Thanks i wish and very clear ure respond ..hmm..and good info

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