Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thanks to all Blogging Secret Communities, you all are great and i very appreciate of this kind of support! Blogging Secret now is one of the TOP 50 communities of MyBlogLog!

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UPDATED: The prediction of pr updated already delay and now my friend just get updated but except blogging secret ;(... i wanna cry!

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  1. ugyen said...
    LOUI$$$$... Did the Pr Assigned for the website... and..i wanna help from you if you could kindly help me out to sort my templates for i want to extend my two side bar and shrink the main post pages... i tired many times..but couldn't get it!! i am using classic templates...
    Anonymous said...
    Congrats on getting into the top 50!

    Would like to ask if you could change the URL for my blog in your blogroll to ..

    It'll be great if you could do that. Keep up the great articles and I'm sure Blogging Secret will get into the top 20!
    Anonymous said...
    Hey man..
    First of all congrats to you for making in top 50.
    After reading your post i just realized that my blog community Technical Bliss is also in Top 50 now. :)

    Check out my blog
    ugyen said...
    Great Stuff for your Guys!!! keep up the good work !!!
    LOUI$$ said...

    i bad in classic template (since i'm starting blogging with blogger beta^^) so maybe you can send to me and let me check it for you.

    @dosh dosh,

    Ok, you get it!


    that's great man! We both listed! congratulate to you too!Cheer.


    i will post the tutorial later!
    Kevin D said...
    Interesting Blog.

    Would be good if you added it to we are seeing huge traffic right now and it may give all the blogs a new reader or two.

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