Friday, December 22, 2006

Ultimate Paypal Button Guides

Dear my readers, since i'm happy today(readerships rise to 60+ readers),so i give you another toturial about paypal button! Catch me now! Why need paypal button? This also another types of revenue too!

So you may try to collect Donation. Sometimes, if you feel that your post in your blog is worth for getting donation, then, you can try to put the Donation button under the post you wrote. People will pay you if they think that your post is worth for certain amount.

So here we go:

1.Login into your Paypal account.

2.Click on the Merchant Tools tab.

3.On the left sidebar, click on the Website Payments Standard.

4.On the left sidebar again, just under the Website Payments Standard, click on the “Feature List”.

5.Just under “Payment Processing Options”, find Donation and click on “Set it up”.

6.Soon, you will proceed to this page:

7.Fill up your Donation Name/Service.

8.You may choose your own Donation ID or you can leave this blank.

9.Leave the Donation Amount blank so that readers can decide the amount they are willing to donate.

10.Leave the select a country unselect so you can get donation from world wide unless you want only a country to donate for you then choose a country, I prefer 1st method!lol!

11.After that you can choose the donation image you like or choose the default donation image.

12.Then, it is advisable to click No for the encryption.

13.Now click Create Button Now.

14.Finally, just copy and paste the html code to your blog or site.

SO now is what i waiting for, if you feel that this tutorial is useful, you can donate to me by click on below button, hehe.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    this might not be the right place to post this, but you're probably the right guy to ask.

    how does one get the labels in the new blogger platform to display in our blogs? what's the template tag to do that?

    I've searched their help and cant get any help.
    LOUI$$ said...

    Thanks rob, if you mean the label then go to template> Page element>add a page element>labels.

    That's it,you get the label!Let me know if you face any problem!

    @Lfc fan,

    If you need the nav label below my label you please visit this posts,this 100% can help, if you have any problem,then please let me know!


    I have no problem with adbrite,can you let me know again the problem you r facing now?

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