Thursday, November 23, 2006

A great news from ramani!Normally is show up 5 comments only but now we can show much more comments in your sidebar, you can see from my sidebar, i have 10 comments show up! My sidebar now like a chatting box,lol.

Benefits of this widget,
1. You can specify how many comments you want to display in your blog (defaults to 10)
2. You can specify the maximum number of letters that should be displayed in each comment (defaults to 100).

So here will show you can do the same thing like mine.

Step 1: Goto Template->Edit HTML tab. Find the

tag in your template and add this line before it (if you have not already added it for some other hack).

<script type='text/javascript'
src='' />

I have added a significant function to this hackosphere.js which does all the work. After adding this line, save the template.

Step 2: Goto Template->Page elements tab and click on "Add a page element" in your sidebar. Choose HTML/Javascript element. Give an appropriate title and copy/paste this code.

<br/><script language="javascript">
var numcomments = 10; // number of comments to display
var numchars = 100; // number of letters to display
<script src="



The Recent Comments widget allows you to put Recent Comments to your blog. Just click the button below to install it on your Blog.Credit to Hackosphere.

You need to change the blog URL to yours. You could also change the number of comments/letters per comment to whatever fits your blog. Then, save the changes and move the widget to wherever you want. There, you have a customized recent comments widget!!

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  1. Chris said...
    Does this work on non-Beta blogger?
    LOUI$$ said...

    Do you have been convent your blog to beta version? If the answer is yes then it should not be a problem!
    Anonymous said...
    How come my Recent Comment not the same as yours one? Mine still hv this word... Widget by: Hackosphere, and no blue button. Why? Can you give your Recent Comments coding ah?
    Anonymous said...
    here is a cool blogger/publisher widget similpedia tools

    "It helps you display relevant Wikipedia articles
    that have similar content to a blog, news article, or an entire web page."

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